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Mansion Chicken


Last night I had Mansion Chicken. I have decided to boycott Mansion Chicken and Mansion Vegetables too for the rest of my life! What is Mansion Chicken? It is the price one pays for a very overpriced portion of chicken. Chicken that is so expensive, it must have been raised in a mansion to have that kind of a price tag. Come to think of it, I do not even recall my recent experience with Mansion Chicken to have been organic! What do I consider expensive? Let me explain, I am willing to pay for a bucket of Kentucky Fried Chicken WITHOUT a coupon. (Before you judge me, It is a once a year indulgence.) I have been known to buy a whole organic chicken to create a wonderful meal, I do wince at the price. I will buy a whole package of chicken without it being on sale. I do not have a problem paying for a fair portion of food. How much was my Mansion Chicken? $9 dollars for two Satay sticks that were ½” wide, by 3 ½” long.

Living in a destination spot with clubs that celebrities frequent can be fun, and a little indulgent. Some of the perks that locals have are free admission to these venues, and open bars. The event I attend on Thursdays is free wine tasting’s, and each week they are held at a different venue. Most of these clubs offer the patrons half price appetizers or they have a special menu to offer the members. This particular place, and I will not name, but the Kardashian’s frequent when they come to town had a special menu. The price seemed fair, and we thought after we could go somewhere for dinner if we were hungry. We decided on the Tempura Vegetables for $4, and the Satay Sticks for $9. The price was a little steep, so we decided to ask the Playboy looking Russian waitress how many Satay Sticks came on the plate. “TRREEEE” she responded. We nodded our heads, and we could read each others minds that afterwards we will be going out to forage for food, because I know I would still be hungry. Our Mansion Chicken arrived, served on a china plate, a cloth napkin and engraved wooden chopsticks, however there were only 2 pieces. We questioned the waitress, who then sent over the manager dressed in a suit with an ear piece. He told us normally the appetizer is $13 , this special price we paid was $9, therefore we would get 2 pieces of Mansion Chicken. My friend told the manager she would not have ordered it if she had been told there were only 2 pieces. He remedied the situation by sending us another plate of 3. We were satisfied, 5 pieces for $9 was acceptable. We did laugh that the chicken was barely warm, so we decided at that price the Mansion Chicken, was still a disappointment.

Do not get me wrong, I realize there is a difference in eating from a street vendor versus paying the price for ambiance. I also expect perfection in service, preparation and presentation for Mansion Chicken and other foods. There is a fine line in the price point. For me, the dish must have some special flavor, presentation, or something that would not be easy to replicate at home. So, I will not order a simple appetizer, I am boycotting overpriced foods of any kind, from any place. My friends words will forever echo in my mind, “That chicken MUST have been raised in a mansion to be that expensive.” before I order from an expensive restaurant.