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56 Different Jobs and Counting


In my world, I seem to question EVERYTHING. Most thoughts are simple, for example, when I use a public restroom and I wash my hands and need to dry them, the paper dispenser is placed high, so when I reach up the water runs down my elbows. If there is another woman in the restroom for some reason I feel the need to share this bafflement, and usually a discussion begins. Over the years I have come up with scenarios of why the dryers are placed so high. My first scenario, the worker, probably a male, and males are generally taller, places the dispenser at his height. Secondly, if the bathroom is new construction, I believe the installer follows the plan, and then the designer is to blame. After I think about the hand drying debacle, my next thought, if the restroom is large, like in an airport I wonder why there are ten sinks placed in a row, with the dispenser at the ends of the counter. After washing your hands and they are dripping with water a choice needs to be made, either one shakes their hands and the mirror becomes spotted, or  walk with your hands out and let the water drip on the floor. What baffles me more, why have ten sinks and only two hand dryer dispensers? If all sinks were being used one would have to wait in line to dry your hands. Just reading this wears me out, no wonder my brain sometimes just needs to rest. My intention was to write about jobs, and I have been side tracked by thinking about paper towel dispensers in public bathrooms.  If you are wondering how I went from jobs to towel dispensers, I thought of my last job and the first thought that came to mind that it was ridiculous that we clocked out for a  15 minute break but it took 7 minutes if you walked fast to reach the restroom.  Maybe tomorrow I will try again to write about what it is like to have had 56 different jobs.