Work For Free!


Craigslist, a place to find bargains and a job, possibly a career. Enjoy my picks of the day, they are guaranteed to make you shake your head.

Here is an excellent opportunity if you would like to be a marketing intern. Under the pay rate: No Pay

“We are seeking a Marketing Intern for 15 hours a week to learn the Marketing business by executing marketing and promotions for clients.

If Internship goes well can turn into Part Time or Full Time job as we hire within. 5 hours a day 3x a week from Summerlin office.

If interested send resume with cover letter & photo.”

Only in America, home of the free, can one work for free. Who thought of this concept? Hire and seeking apparently are two different words when seeking employment. Recruit volunteers for your workforce and if they are excellent workers they can be rewarded with employment.  I checked out their website and they have an impressive listing of companies they represent, I wonder if they are offering free marketing services?


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  1. Some poor idiot will work for nothing in hopes of eventually being hired. This company will get as much free labor as possible. IF, and that is a big if, they are ever offered a job you can bet it would be minimum wages and very few hours…… probably a split shift to boot. Why would any company hire an idiot and pay them well ????

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