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Computer Gadgets I Can Live Without


Living in Las Vegas gives one the opportunity to witness first hand what is happening in the world, and this city is a stage for launching what is hot and new. CES The Computer Electronic Show showcases each year the hot items. Our news stations each night showcase the items one would covet. This year one station showed clips from yesteryear, like the debut of the DVD player, Bluetooth technology, and flat screen televisions. Yes they were revolutions and I always wonder which item will become the next “must have” 

The Geonaute is a 360-degree camera that is waterproof, shockproof and can record for two hours. If I were a filmmaker this would be a great product, but at $499 I will stick with my phone and walk in a circle. There is another product from Eureka Park Phone Soap, it is a UV light to sanitize your phone, this is $50. I would rather wash my hands and not rub my eyes, pick my nose, or put my fingers in my mouth. I cannot see myself putting a mini tanning device in my purse to clean my phone. I would leave it at work, or at home. I would be upset if someone coughed in their hand then touched my phone the device would not be near. There are many items I could list, but the next one terrifies me!

The Yellow Jacket stun gun phone! Yes your iPhone and soon Android can be used to deliver 950,000 volts to a co-worker, a family member, an innocent person in a line who annoys you, imagine the possibilities! They also began to market them in Mexico City, do not worry about only being gunned down in Mexico, but if you haggle too much over a price, you may hear, “BBBZZZZzzz” then feel the pain! We thought we had issues with gun control, no worries the stun gun is here. Bullying in school can be taken to an all new level.  Do people really feel the need to carry a stun gun?


Every six months or so I go through my phone and delete the apps I really do not use. I smile when I get to the Flashlight, yes I use it, especially when I am at the dog park at night and I need to find Henry’s poo, yes the light is a must have. The DVR, I still do not have, and I am happy to say my life is no longer TV dependent, and most things I miss I find online. Yes my phone was at the show back in the day, that is a must have!

My final thoughts, the phone is bright yellow, so if you see someone holding that bright yellow phone and they coming at you, hopefully you have good Karma and they are inviting you for coffee. No, I will not be buying one. I can only imagine the moment I would need to use it, it would be the day I had my big purse, and often when it is ringing I cannot find the phone anyways.


The Journey To 130 Thoughts About Weightloss


The Journey To 130 is a continuation in a path of weight loss and lifestyle change. So far I have lost 55lbs, now I am at my last ten pounds and at this point, to lose more I will need to reexamine my food intake as well as the energy I will need to expend to make this happen. The following is what I have learned.

Every person has an opinion of a diet. I would take their ideas into consideration; I tried many of them and some I have incorporated into my life. Other times I would just shake my head. No, drinking lemon water and maple syrup does not make you lose weight permanently, plus I love food! Bariatric surgery! I am not that overweight, even then you need to look at the psychology of weight loss. Here are some of my experiences.

The Atkins Diet. Yes I lost weight, then I suffered from the worst constipation I had ever had in my life. There is a reason for carbohydrates and fiber.

Raw Food, saving all of the nutrients in food by not cooking it out. I love food, it is my passion, this would be like telling a ballerina to stop wearing toe shoes and take up jazz. The food is high in calories as nuts are used, so portion control is important. I calculated the lasagna portion to be about 1,100 calories, the raw food chef pointed out you eat smaller portions. I would rather have a small portion of the real thing and eat more salad. I have incorporated many of the recipes in my diet and enjoy the new tastes and twists one can put on food.

Low calorie and fat free. In the 80’s I tried the Weight Watcher Quick Start Program, if I remember rightly it was about 900 a day, and virtually fat free. Yes, I lost weight, and I gained all of the weight back and then some. When I began the latest journey I found when I cut my calories to 1,200 my body held onto the weight! It was explained to me that it is a starvation mode, and your body will hold onto everything you eat. It was the greatest miracle when I increased my caloric intake and went to 1,800 and I was exercising and I began to lose weight.

Dieters Tea, now this sounded like a great idea, drink tea and lose weight! Well the next morning it started a running program for me! Yes, running to the bathroom with stomach cramps and diarrhea. The magic ingredient is senna and long term laxative use will cause your bowels to shut down.

I recently found this blog in my “to finish” file and I wrote it almost a year ago. I am happy to report I have retained my weight loss. The bottom line to successful weight loss; eat healthy, eat a variety of foods, eat dessert, eat smaller portions, exercise, most importantly, do everything in moderation, that is how to lose weight.