Dog Sitter Wanted

Dog Sitter Wanted

The employment opportunities offered on Craigslist are amazing.

dog sitter wanted ! (rio hotel)

compensation: cash hourly ! 

looking for someone who is good with dogs who can watch them in my suite at the Rio 
candidate should be youthful, spontaneous and attire should be girl next door
please respond with your age and pic or description and salary demands
open minded candidates will receive a christmas bonus

I consider myself a dog person. Henry The Dog, my dog is well mannered and is a registered therapy dog and we have volunteered at many places. I also dog sit and have helped owners with their dogs when they have had issues. What a great opportunity it would be to help someone who is visiting Las Vegas and dog sit.

The poster stated that they are willing to pay cash, I do accept PayPal as well. I believe I am well qualified to watch a dog in a suite at The Rio Hotel.

Youthful, what age is youthful? I am not sure how youthful fits into the equation of great dog care, and I am sure my experience would outweigh the youth requirement.

Spontaneous, if I know what the dates are, I can make myself generally available, so no problem. Attire, the girl next door. According to the definition of girl next door “Every guy may have his specific girl-next-door prototype, but in general, she’s the girl whom you always admired from afar and were afraid to approach, fearing that any erotic projection toward her would ruin her image as a decent, pure and almost virginal womanly ideal.” I am beginning to think I am not a candidate for this position.

The poster needs my age and a pic or a description. I could go on the Strip and find a “massage” card that the hawkers hand out with a scantily clad female and maybe send him that! Salary requirements will be more than dog sitting. My favorite part of the ad, I would receive a Christmas bonus if I am open minded! Well it is Las Vegas, but what he wants is not legal in this county. I will continue my search…






Work For Free!


Craigslist, a place to find bargains and a job, possibly a career. Enjoy my picks of the day, they are guaranteed to make you shake your head.

Here is an excellent opportunity if you would like to be a marketing intern. Under the pay rate: No Pay

“We are seeking a Marketing Intern for 15 hours a week to learn the Marketing business by executing marketing and promotions for clients.

If Internship goes well can turn into Part Time or Full Time job as we hire within. 5 hours a day 3x a week from Summerlin office.

If interested send resume with cover letter & photo.”

Only in America, home of the free, can one work for free. Who thought of this concept? Hire and seeking apparently are two different words when seeking employment. Recruit volunteers for your workforce and if they are excellent workers they can be rewarded with employment.  I checked out their website and they have an impressive listing of companies they represent, I wonder if they are offering free marketing services?

Computer Gadgets I Can Live Without


Living in Las Vegas gives one the opportunity to witness first hand what is happening in the world, and this city is a stage for launching what is hot and new. CES The Computer Electronic Show showcases each year the hot items. Our news stations each night showcase the items one would covet. This year one station showed clips from yesteryear, like the debut of the DVD player, Bluetooth technology, and flat screen televisions. Yes they were revolutions and I always wonder which item will become the next “must have” 

The Geonaute is a 360-degree camera that is waterproof, shockproof and can record for two hours. If I were a filmmaker this would be a great product, but at $499 I will stick with my phone and walk in a circle. There is another product from Eureka Park Phone Soap, it is a UV light to sanitize your phone, this is $50. I would rather wash my hands and not rub my eyes, pick my nose, or put my fingers in my mouth. I cannot see myself putting a mini tanning device in my purse to clean my phone. I would leave it at work, or at home. I would be upset if someone coughed in their hand then touched my phone the device would not be near. There are many items I could list, but the next one terrifies me!

The Yellow Jacket stun gun phone! Yes your iPhone and soon Android can be used to deliver 950,000 volts to a co-worker, a family member, an innocent person in a line who annoys you, imagine the possibilities! They also began to market them in Mexico City, do not worry about only being gunned down in Mexico, but if you haggle too much over a price, you may hear, “BBBZZZZzzz” then feel the pain! We thought we had issues with gun control, no worries the stun gun is here. Bullying in school can be taken to an all new level.  Do people really feel the need to carry a stun gun?


Every six months or so I go through my phone and delete the apps I really do not use. I smile when I get to the Flashlight, yes I use it, especially when I am at the dog park at night and I need to find Henry’s poo, yes the light is a must have. The DVR, I still do not have, and I am happy to say my life is no longer TV dependent, and most things I miss I find online. Yes my phone was at the show back in the day, that is a must have!

My final thoughts, the phone is bright yellow, so if you see someone holding that bright yellow phone and they coming at you, hopefully you have good Karma and they are inviting you for coffee. No, I will not be buying one. I can only imagine the moment I would need to use it, it would be the day I had my big purse, and often when it is ringing I cannot find the phone anyways.

The Journey To 130 Thoughts About Weightloss


The Journey To 130 is a continuation in a path of weight loss and lifestyle change. So far I have lost 55lbs, now I am at my last ten pounds and at this point, to lose more I will need to reexamine my food intake as well as the energy I will need to expend to make this happen. The following is what I have learned.

Every person has an opinion of a diet. I would take their ideas into consideration; I tried many of them and some I have incorporated into my life. Other times I would just shake my head. No, drinking lemon water and maple syrup does not make you lose weight permanently, plus I love food! Bariatric surgery! I am not that overweight, even then you need to look at the psychology of weight loss. Here are some of my experiences.

The Atkins Diet. Yes I lost weight, then I suffered from the worst constipation I had ever had in my life. There is a reason for carbohydrates and fiber.

Raw Food, saving all of the nutrients in food by not cooking it out. I love food, it is my passion, this would be like telling a ballerina to stop wearing toe shoes and take up jazz. The food is high in calories as nuts are used, so portion control is important. I calculated the lasagna portion to be about 1,100 calories, the raw food chef pointed out you eat smaller portions. I would rather have a small portion of the real thing and eat more salad. I have incorporated many of the recipes in my diet and enjoy the new tastes and twists one can put on food.

Low calorie and fat free. In the 80’s I tried the Weight Watcher Quick Start Program, if I remember rightly it was about 900 a day, and virtually fat free. Yes, I lost weight, and I gained all of the weight back and then some. When I began the latest journey I found when I cut my calories to 1,200 my body held onto the weight! It was explained to me that it is a starvation mode, and your body will hold onto everything you eat. It was the greatest miracle when I increased my caloric intake and went to 1,800 and I was exercising and I began to lose weight.

Dieters Tea, now this sounded like a great idea, drink tea and lose weight! Well the next morning it started a running program for me! Yes, running to the bathroom with stomach cramps and diarrhea. The magic ingredient is senna and long term laxative use will cause your bowels to shut down.

I recently found this blog in my “to finish” file and I wrote it almost a year ago. I am happy to report I have retained my weight loss. The bottom line to successful weight loss; eat healthy, eat a variety of foods, eat dessert, eat smaller portions, exercise, most importantly, do everything in moderation, that is how to lose weight.

The Island of Misfit Toys, A Christmas Me.


Merry Christmas! No matter what your spiritual beliefs are, I am sending you Love and Cheer. I placed a link so those who are far, or did not grow up with this film, you will have an understanding of The Island of Misfit Toys.

I cannot tell you how many times people have told me, “You are different” The description can be interpreted in many ways, some positive, or in a not so nice way. In the past I took it to mean more on the not positive side. This last year has been a challenge, both physically and mentally and it forced me to look inward more than I ever have in my life. I came to the conclusion that I have been a square peg trying to fit into a round world. We all know if you take a hammer and hit the peg with force it will go into the round hole, but it will probably splinter into many pieces at the same time. I know I cannot be sent into a cubicle in an office to work. My sister would complain about this, “Why can’t you be normal like other people and just do it?” To me, it is not normal for humans should be placed in a container. One job I was training for I lost during my probation, I could not remember to swipe the tag attached to me by a cord into the time card machine. I completely frustrated the Human Relations Department, and for people who are about relations, they were not very kind about the situation. I admit I am different, last time I was pulled over for speeding; I accepted responsibility for my error and thanked the police officer, who does that! I hate plastic shopping bags and always bring my canvas ones; if I forget them and I am in line, I will run out to the car and bring them in to be used. I park my car on the top-level of the parking garage there are many reasons to do this, first there is less chance of a door ding, secondly I am next to the elevator, thirdly, it is safer. Who goes to live in a Navajo Hogan (home) made of sand and logs, with a dirt floor, no running water or electricity, I do!

Last week in a conversation The Island of Misfit Toys came up. Afterwards I thought about the toys, they were so endearing you could not help not to love them. Who did not smile because the train had square wheels, or by the spotted elephant, what about the bird that could not fly however it could swim? I am broken too! There are some parts that are worn and my arm cannot wind around like it used to. This year I accepted being “different” I no longer view the trait in a negative way, in fact I embrace it! Now I can even thank the person whom acknowledges my unique character. I am happy to be part of the family that makes up The Island of Misfit Toys; it is my Christmas present to my Self.

56 Different Jobs and Counting


In my world, I seem to question EVERYTHING. Most thoughts are simple, for example, when I use a public restroom and I wash my hands and need to dry them, the paper dispenser is placed high, so when I reach up the water runs down my elbows. If there is another woman in the restroom for some reason I feel the need to share this bafflement, and usually a discussion begins. Over the years I have come up with scenarios of why the dryers are placed so high. My first scenario, the worker, probably a male, and males are generally taller, places the dispenser at his height. Secondly, if the bathroom is new construction, I believe the installer follows the plan, and then the designer is to blame. After I think about the hand drying debacle, my next thought, if the restroom is large, like in an airport I wonder why there are ten sinks placed in a row, with the dispenser at the ends of the counter. After washing your hands and they are dripping with water a choice needs to be made, either one shakes their hands and the mirror becomes spotted, or  walk with your hands out and let the water drip on the floor. What baffles me more, why have ten sinks and only two hand dryer dispensers? If all sinks were being used one would have to wait in line to dry your hands. Just reading this wears me out, no wonder my brain sometimes just needs to rest. My intention was to write about jobs, and I have been side tracked by thinking about paper towel dispensers in public bathrooms.  If you are wondering how I went from jobs to towel dispensers, I thought of my last job and the first thought that came to mind that it was ridiculous that we clocked out for a  15 minute break but it took 7 minutes if you walked fast to reach the restroom.  Maybe tomorrow I will try again to write about what it is like to have had 56 different jobs.

Help Wanted


Help Wanted

Searching for employment should be no laughing matter, however, these days reading ads on various job boards gives me an opportunity to smile and many times fill me with joy!. Today with the internet there are various ways to search for a job. Company websites, job search engines, and then there is Craigslist. There is never a day it has failed to disappoint me, one can find some interesting jobs, and it has been a successful source for me. Back in the day, newspapers had employment listings that consisted of maybe 15 words. The majority of time one would find the company name, a brief description of the job and a phone number, it was straight forward, you knew what you were applying for, today that is not a given. The employment process is about screening a potential company/employers, will you be a fit? Would you want to be a fit! Living in a city with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, multiple part time jobs become a reality, any job source is welcomed and there are many opportunities to earn money. Living in Sin City brings many opportunities! The following are all jobs I have seen.

This is the job that inspired my blog. “Dog poop scooper job. Long term position. This job entails driving around the entire Las Vegas valley to remove dog waste from clients’ yards. Must be dependable, on-time, and able to work quickly in cold, heat, wind, rain, and holidays…. This job is Monday through Friday and you start at 6am everyday” Where do I begin? Yes it must be a long term position, dogs do poop all the time. OK, I am dependable, and on time. Yes I can work quickly and in the cold. Running fast when it is 110 degrees outside during the summer could be a little more difficult. I can pick up poop in the wind, I have to admit, I have never tried it in the rain, that could prove to be a little more difficult. Holidays! You mean on Christmas day a client would expect me to pick up dog poop? I would be in someones backyard picking up poo, and wondering what they are thinking, and questioning myself why I chose to pick up dog doo while they are inside enjoying a wonderful meal. This job does start out at $10 per hours, and if I “doo” a good job, I would get $11. That is not a bad deal. Now let me see if I am qualified.


1. You must have your own dependable pick-up truck and valid Nevada drivers license

(I am already disqualified! I guess having a pick up truck would be advisable, since it seems I will be hauling the dog doo! My first question, how come the owner does not want their dogs doo in their trash? My second question, does my potential employer have a trash bin, or am I responsible for disposing of the dog doo? Third question, if I put it in plastic bags, I wonder what it will smell like on a hot day. Fourth question, if I really wanted the job would they require me to have a truck? I am almost tempted to call and ask. )

2. Legally able to work in the U.S.

(Yes, I am a citizen)

3. You must have a cell phone and daily access to email.

(Yes, I have a phone, I am happy to know I will not need an iPad to check my email during the day, as this would be a lot of money to spend for this low paying job)

4. Be able to lift 50 pounds

(They said dog poo! What would I be picking up that requires me to lift 50 lbs!!!)

5. You must speak at least a little English

(Qualified. What if the owners only speak Spanish? Will I need to know a little Spanish? That could be a selling point, I can speak a little Spanish!)

6. You must not be scared of dogs

(What if it is a mean dog? Can I be scared?)

7. Age 50 and over are encouraged to apply if you are a good worker and can work at a fast pace.
(I know more over 50’s who are dependable worker’s and are quicker than their younger counterparts. )

I think you can see why I am amused looking at ads. If you are not amused, please stop reading.

Here is another ad.”Personal assistant on adult video set. Simple, fun part time job with female producer.” OK, it is Sin City! I wonder what one would do being an assistant? No wages listed. There was another position for a Personal Assistant. $20 per hour, now that is a great wage when you need no experience! They will train you! That is more than the accounting position that was offered and you need a Bachelor’s Degree. I just wonder why the potential employer requests a picture. Maybe I will send one when I first wake up in the morning, or maybe the one of me when I was on a camping trip! The camping pic will show that I can work under many conditions and I am a happy person.

This is one way to earn $100! I don’t have to work, and it is legal! I am posting this ad, just as it was written.

I need someone with a valid nevada license and a registered car with insurance.
(OK, I am qualified!)

I have a schedule for a driver’s test at 1130am Saturaday (Saturday is a good day, I am available, I just wish they spelled it correctly. I guess even with spell check they disregard suggestions, but they want to use my car)

I need someone to go with me to DMV and let me use their car for a driver’s Test (You want to use MY car! What if they are a bad driver?)

I would prefer a small to mid size automatic car. (Now they are getting a little picky. Do you want it to be a Mercedes too?)

The car must meet DMV standards such as having a front license plate, no cracked windshield, working lights, blinkers, horn, seat belt, etc.
(Duh, I would hope no one was dumb enough to bring a car to the DMV that is not legal)

Please email me I have a valid nevada permit and no accidents on my record of 10 years of driving.
You have been driving for 10 years without a license and now you want to drive my car!)

my license expired and I have to take the test.
(There was a period after the word driving, so now I am relieved you only let your license expire)
willing to negotiate price if I get no other offers.)

I still have questions about this person. Why don’t they use their own car? Do they not have any friends? They are even willing to pay more money to borrow a car. Maybe I should offer mine for $500 in case they drive it away so my insurance deductible will be met.

Here is my last one, “Wanted, ambitious guy to come to my house and Wash, Wax, and polish my Honda S2000. I have the necessary equipment including a random orbit waxer/polisher. If you don’t have wheels and live fairly close to Durango and hwy 95, I could pick you up, bring you over to my house and then drop you back off at your home after your all done. Please let me know what you would charge to do this job for me.” This one must have been written by a cougar!

I hope you enjoyed “Help Wanted” In fact, after writing this, I have been inspired to take it further, I am not sure where, but it will become part of my life journey